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My New Year's resolution is to drink less coffee and more
Loves old movies and TV shows, with a recent inroad into foreign films.
Love animals, chocolate and reading, not necessarily in that order.


Current Residence: South of the Twin Cities, MN.

Favorite Colors: Turquoise, Purple, Green, Rose, Peach

Animal Lover, especially of Horses

Car: Minivan. (The VW died, went to carlot heaven.)

Best Trip Ever: Family vacation to Expo 1967 in Montreal Canada where I was exposed to a smattering of foreign cultures and history, and had my picture taken with a Canadian Mountie. Woo ha!

Other memorable vacations: Kentucky Derby in Louisville, KY; Bahamas; Washington D.C.

I once started an Unofficial Susan Boyle fan club here on NV -- which was a victim of the downsizing of the number of groups permitted on the Beta Newsvine. So long, Susan, and good luck wherever you go!

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